The METEO module has two functions:

  1. Import, analysis and presentation of measured wind data (screening of wind data).
  2. Calculation of the energy yield of a WTG based on measured on-site wind data (without applying a flow model, like WAsP).
The data screening facilities of METEO are widely recognized. It is possible to read almost any kind of wind data, arrange them in time series or summary frequency tables and obtain the Weibull parameters. It is possible to visually inspect the time series, produce gunshot graphs, directional distributions, diurnal graphs etc. Time series for multiple heights can be compared with each other in all diagrams and selected data can be disabled both through selection filters and visually in the time series plots, which makes it easy to identify and eliminate errors in the measurements. Data files from all leading wind logger manufacturers can easily be imported to the METEO object. The screened wind data can be used in the calculation of wind statistics (a set of wind data cleaned for local terrain influence) with the MODEL module and the WAsP software.

The module includes special wind profile analysis features with tools allowing the user to specify day/night and seasonal variations and directly compare measurements with WAsP calculations as well as comprehensive shear analysis tools with easy cut and paste to Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

The METEO module also includes the METEO ANALYZER tool for graphical comparison of data from different masts, substitution of data between different measurement heights and masts, graphical comparison of wind data from different masts and cross-prediction of wind data based on data from several masts and/or heights.

In the METEO ANALYZER it is possible to prepare for subsequent time varying calculations for each WTG in the PARK module either based on measured wind data transformed through WAsP or using a WTI (wind time variation file).

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