The BASIS module in WindPRO is necessary for the use of any of the other calculation modules. It contains the following key elements:

  • Project Management: A tool for the effective administration of your projects with full overview of your projects on the Project Explorer globe.
  • WTG Catalogue: This catalogue is the most comprehensive wind turbine catalogue in the world. The WTG Catalogue contains data on more than 800 different types of WTGs, which have been gathered by EMD over the years. The data is constantly being updated and can be supplemented with your own turbine definitions.
  • The Map Management System is the tool for linking scanned maps or maps from the Internet or other digital sources to WindPRO, making them available for project work and the input of data, which is done directly on top of such digital background maps.
  • Project design / Input Data: With BASIS the user can prepare a WindPRO project ready to calculate.
  • Special tools: for many purposes such as advanced digitization of height contour line data based on software recognition of the color differences on the background map; tools for trimming and adjusting digital data; terrain profile presentation including WTGs and measurement masts; quick profile tool for checking site elevation data; map composer for creating maps for reports with specified resolution and with customable legends etc; layer structure to organize the input data efficiently.
  • On-line data services with free access to: Elevation data covering nearly the whole world (SRTM + other data sources), roughness data from different sources, satellite images (worldwide) and other maps for use as background maps.
  • Export tools: to present your wind farm project as photo-realistic turbines, in Google Earth with just a single mouse click. Photomontages can be exported as “fl y in” photos in Google Earth and other information like wind resource maps can be shown as transparent draping. Import of Google Earth KMZ fi les into WindPRO is also possible.
  • Data handling tools and features for easy import / export of e.g. shape fi les and GPS data.

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