About Us

The founder of TÜRKSOY E.M.D., Dr. Türksoy has been active in wind energy sector since 1993. His educational background (PhD in Wind Energy Meteorology) and the experience gained during his previous employments as a researcher at TUBITAK, wind turbine sales manager and wind energy expert doing various wind energy related assessments and micro-siting studies for projects more than 20,000 MW in several countries such as Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, France and Norway form the basis of the offered consultancy services of TÜRKSOY E.M.D. in the wind energy sector.

EMD International A/S is an independent software and know-how center supplying companies and institutions such as developers, investors, WTG manufacturers, consultants and banks worldwide with its WindPRO software package and know-how within the field of project design and documentation of environmentally friendly energy projects. TÜRKSOY E.M.D. is the agent of EMD responsible for the Middle-east region in supplying the WindPRO software.

The TÜRKSOY E.M.D. is serving the following countries within the Middle East region: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

EMD and TÜRKSOY E.M.D. is providing consultancy services and bankable reports alongside selling, organizing courses and providing hot-line services for WindPRO. The main consultancy services within the field of wind energy are wind resource assessments, micro siting, energy yield calculations and optimization of project layouts as well as due diligence, second opinion and environmental impact assessments.

TÜRKSOY Enerji Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.

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